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  1. If you are in transit at Narita Airport.
  2. What to do in Narita Airport?

1.If you are in transit at Narita Airport.

If you are in transit at Narita Airport. Things to do at Terminal 1, Narita Airport.Today, I make a list of my favorite ways to pass the time at Narita Airport.If you feel that you don’t have budget to spend at Narita Airport.

  • View airplanes.

Terminal1 has many view points for airplanes. I think that my best recommendation is South Wing on the 4F. They provide you with good view points where airplanes are very close to the building. This area is also completely air-conditioned and have access to Wi-Fi.My second best view point is Observation Deck. You can view airplanes taking off and landing. Narita Airport Observation Deck has windows for taking photographs. If you want to take photographs of airplanes, try and stay there.


  • See movies on Sky Gate Vision.
    Sky Gate Vision is maximum sized TV system showing programs of airport news and Japanese movies etc.
  • A walk at Terminal 1, Narita Airport.

The 4F has displays of Japanese samurai armors, flower arrangements etc. Theme of displays change according to each season. Please enjoy looking at the displays. Possibly you might be interviewed [“Why did you come to Japan” program of TV Tokyo] when you walk through Terminal 1.

2.What to do in Narita Airport?