Feel something Japanese at Narita airport.I have picked out some special spots in Narita Airport.

2.Layover in NRT(English)

Table of contents

  1. Special spot in Narita Airport.
  2. SAKURA.
  3. Tanngo-no-Sekku.
  4. Pine.
  5. Tanngo-no-Sekku(2)
  6. Ikebana.
  7. What to do in Narita Airport?

1.Special spot in Narita Airport.

I want to talk about a special spot in Narita Airport.I went to see this sopt when I visited Narita Airport. The display will be changed several times in a year.Please come to this spot and enjoy viewing it.



This photo of SAKURA [Cherry Blossoms] is displayed at the exit C1 of the Terminal1 in Narita Airport.

SAKURA(B)(Cherry Blossoms) at Narita Airport.


This photo (A)of the decoration of Tanngo-no-Sekku is also decorated in between Check-in Counters C and D on the 4F of the Terminal1.




This photo of a Pine is located at the Check-in Counter H in International Departure Gate (North) on the 3F of the Terminal2.



This photo explain the decoration of Tanngo-no-Sekku on the Check-in Counters M and O on the 3F of the Terminal2 as well.
If you do not know what tango-no-sekku is, please read the guidebook.






This photo emphasizes the beautiful colors of Ikebana at Check-in Counters E and H on the 3F of the Terminal2.


7.What to do in Narita Airport?