Which do you prefer??This is the coffee at Narita Airport I choose!!


Table of contents

  1. Do you know Seven Café?
  2. Because.
  3. Where?
  4. What to do in Narita Airport?

1.Do you know Seven Café?

At Seven Eleven there is an automatic coffee maker, and this coffee tastes (surprisingly) good. Do you believe it?? You can take my word for it.


  1. The Regular size coffee is 100yen.
  2. I always buy Seven Café when I go to work.
  3. When I go to work, on some mornings people are lined up in front of a coffee maker.
  4. To sell 5 hundred million glasses of coffee about one year.


Seven Café is be 7-eleven at Terminal2 the 4F. Have a good coffee time in Narita airport.


4.What to do in Narita Airport?