how to buy suica and Pasmo.


Table of contents

  1. How easy it is to use Suica and Pasmo.
  2. You Tube. 1-How to Get a Suica Card. 2-How to Use Your Pasmo/Suica.
  3. What to do in Narita Airport?

1.How easy it is to use Suica and Pasmo.

Do you know how to take a train in Japan? In Japan, many people use Pasmo and Suica when they take a train. Pasmo and Suica are electronic passes on which you can charge your money. This is convenient when you take a train. You can also use these passes/cards when you want to buy something at convenience stores, vending machines, many other shops, and also when you take a bus etc… Two trains operate out of Narita airport, which are Keisei and JR line. You can use Suica and Pasmo for both of these trains.
I frequently use Pasmo for my daily shopping.
I found a YouTube video that explains how to use this pass.
If you are planning to visit Japan and are going to use these passes, please watch this movie. I think it is useful.

2.You Tube.

You Tube: TheJapanGuy   Web Site:

5.What to do in Narita Airport?