“Tokyo restaurant” Did you really looking for?Carefully selected gourmet site×6.


Table of contents

  1. Carefully selected gourmet Japan site×6.
  2. List of website.
  3. What to do in Narita Airport?

1.Carefully selected gourmet Japan site×6.

I want to let you know about these websites where you can find so much information on food and restaurants in Japan.The good news is that you can read some of these websites in English.I think this will be helpful when you want to find a nice restaurant in Japan.If you are visiting Japan, please use these sites.

2.List of website.

English? Yes

English? No. only in Japanese

  • ホットペッパー: Information site for gourmet and coupon. I also use this site often. Japanese only.
  • Japan Restaurant Association: This is the home for those who want to be satisfied with all aspects of the restaurant: taste, service, cleanliness, price with excellent restaurant on behalf of our country. You can read this site in English.
  • 日本ベジタリアン協会: This is the official site of Japan Vegetarian Society. You can read this site in English.

3.What to do in Narita Airport?