Let’s try to order some Sushi. I want to talk about how to order sushi at a sushi bar.


Table of contents

  1. Let’s try to order some Sushi.
  2. What to do in Narita Airport?

1.Let’s try to order some Sushi.

Did you eat sushi at a sushi bar?  Many sushi bars make fresh new sushi when you order. New sushi is very good, but sometimes they might be revolving sushi that is old.I want you to eat good sushi at a sushi bar.Please enjoy eating sushi at a sush bar in Japan.

Can you order sushi in Japanese?

If you can’t,Please use the following list.

  • I want this one.


Please be careful that there are two pieces of sushi on one plate.

  • I want nowasabi.

Wasabi nuki wo kudasai.(わさび抜きをください)

  • What do you recommend ?

osusumeha doredesuka?(おすすめはどれですか?)

  •  Check, Please.

Sumimasen Okaikei wo onegaishimasu.(すみません。お会計をお願いします)



Many sushi bars have Japanese tea powders. If you cant’t read Japanese kanji, you might mistake Japanese tea powders for wasabi since Japanese tea powders look like wasabi.If you can’t understand kanji, Please check with the store staff.


  • Is this Japanese tea powder or wasabi?

korewa wasabi-desuka otcha desuka?(これは、わさびですか?お茶ですか?)

2.What to do in Narita Airport?