what are bento boxes 

2.Layover in NRT(English)

Table of contents

  1. What’s Bento?
  2. Bento photo gallery.
  3. list of Bento website.
  4. Bento in Narita Airport.
  5. Ekiben.
  6. What to do in Narita Airport?

1.What’s Bento?

Bento is home-packed Japanese meal.Well,Do you know various species of bento? For example,ekiben is bento that eat in on trains.soraben is bento that eat in on airplene or airport. Aisai Bentou is bento that wife make for husband.kyaraben is bento of comic characters that mother make for child. Today ,I want to let you know about these websites where you can find so much information on soraben,ekiben and bento information in Japan. made a list of websites that talk about Bento.I want to tell you my favorite bento in narita airport .If you are visiting Japan,please use these sites and enjoy bento life.

2.Bento photo gallery.

My best Bento







3.list of Bento website.

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English? No. only in Japanese

4.Bento in Narita Airport.

If you try to eat bento in narita airport. you can buy at many shop. My Recommended shop is there.

My Recommended shop list

  1. LEOPARD  Terminal1 B1F  Delicious and cheap.
  2. HOT HEART Terminal2 2F   Delicious and cheap.

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The bento sold at train stations are called ekiben. Each area – and even each individual station – is likely to have its own speciality.Many ekiben are prepared using choice local ingredients and recipes.

English? Yes

English? No. only in Japanese

In Japan, there is a special lunch to be sold at the station. It is called the EKIBEN. I make list of Ekiben site.




6.What to do in Narita Airport?