Sent /Onsen list around Narita Airport.


Table of contents

  1. sent /onsen list around Narita Airport.
  2. sentu (sentou) list around Narita Sky Accses line.
  3. On the way to enter the public bathhouse,foreign guests (YOU TUBE)

1.sent /onsen list around Narita Airport.

  • A place where you can relax in an open air bath surrounded by greenery Hananoyu.
    Address: 2-40-1 Kozunomori, Narita-shi, Chiba 286-0048
    Access:Approximately 8 minute walk from Kozunomori Station on the Keisei Main Line. Approximately 2 minute walk from the Iidashinden bus stop using the Chiba Kotsu Bus from Narita Station
    Phone/Fax:0476-28-2444 / 0476-28-2445
    Business hours:10 a.m. to 1 a.m. (Last admission: 12 midnight)
    Holidays:Open year round
    Average budget: Adults 800 yen Children (4-11 years old) 400 yen
  • 湯郷ななえの湯 (only in Japanese)
    Address: 286-0221 千葉県富里市七栄298-7
    Access:京成成田駅東口バス停2番乗り場より久能・七栄・両国・ハニワ台方面乗車約15分 富里保育園下車 徒歩約3分
    Phone/Fax:0476-90-3733 / 0476-93-0052
    Business hours and Average budget(only in Japanese)
  • 成田温泉 美湯 Narita onsen byu (only in Japanese)
    Address:〒286-0127 千葉県成田市小菅700
    Access(only in Japanese)
    Phone/Fax:0476-32-1111 / 0476-32-1078
    Business hours/Average budget (only in Japanese)

2.sent/onsen list around Narita Sky Accses line.

3.On the way to enter the public bathhouse,foreign guests.