“Ueno sakura”Enjoy a brief viewing of Cherry Blossoms! at Ueno.

4.What to do in Tokyo?

I introduce SAKURA(Cherry Blossoms) at Ueno Park.This photo shows SAKURA at Ueno Park.Ueno Park is the famous  place where you can see SAKURA at Ueno.
Since the cherry blossom season lasts only for a week,if you come to japan between the end of March and the beginning April, please come to this place and enjoy SAKURA viewing.

SAKURA of Ueno Park.

SAKURA of Ueno Park.

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  1. Enjoy a brief viewing of Cherry Blossoms! at Ueno.
  2. Narita Airport → Ueno Pork
  3. List of Hanami site in Japan.
  4. What to do in Tokyo?

1.Enjoy a brief viewing of Cherry Blossoms! at Ueno.

This You Tube shows SAKURA at Ueno Park in Tokyo.

2012/4/10.Beautiful cherry blossoms and lots of Japanese people enjoying hanami at Ueno Park in Tokyo, Japan.

TOKYO JAPAN 上野公園の満開の桜の花見(sakura)東京観光 Ueno Park is Cherry blossom spots in Tokyo(hanami) 日本の桜 花の名所案内

Ueno Park is Cherry blossom spots in Tokyo
Ueno Park is a large public park in central Tokyo.
The National Museum for Western Art, the Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum and the National Science Museum.
The Park features more than 1000 cherry blossom trees along the street around Shinobazu Pond.
Ueno Park is one of Japan’s most crowded, noisy and popular cherry blossom spots.
About 1300 lanterns light up to extend hanami into the moonlit sky.
Hanami is still popular and there remains many famous Sakura spots in Tokyo, as well as all over Japan.<https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gend0TBBs9s>

2.Narita Airport → Ueno Park

Use of SKYLINER(about50-60 Min)

NARITA AIRPORT TERMINAL 1or2 →Keisei Skyliner(about 40-45 Min) →KEISEI-UENO

Use of Keisei Narita Sky Access Exp.

NARITA AIRPORT TERMINAL 1or2 →Keisei Narita Sky Access Exp.(about 60Min) → ASAKUSA(TOBU/SUBWAY) → Tokyo Metro Ginza Line for SHIBUYA (about 5Min) →UENO


HypirDiya is Transfer Information Site.
About HyperDia
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With simple operation, “HyperDia” guides the optimal route and the fare from starting point to end.
The route search engine is made by self-developed technology.
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3.List of Hanami site in Japan.

I want to let you know about these websites where you can find so much information on Hanami in Tokyo.The good news is that you can read some of these websites in English.I think this will be helpful when you want to find a Hanami in Tokyo.If you are visiting Japan, please use these sites.

    1. TOKYO OHANAMI SPOT 2016:Below is a list of Tokyo’s most beautiful spots for Ohanami, cherry blossom viewing.The average best time to view is from late March to early April.Please note that the best timing can vary from year to year.<http://parkhoteltokyo.com/hanami/>
    2. 桜 開花予想 2016(only in Japanese): forecast of flowering time of sakura 2016.
    3. 東京の桜 花見の名所や穴場おすすめ10選と開花情報2016!(only in Japanese):Best HANAMI spase in Tokyo.You Tube of sakura×10(1.Midtown Blossom 2014. 2.Tokyo Megurogawa River’s Beautiful Cherry Blossom. 3.TOKYO JAPAN Cherry Blossoms in Tokyo. 4.Shinjuku Blossoms in Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden. 5.Inokashira Park in Tokyo 6.TOKYO JAPAN 上野公園の満開の桜の花見(sakura)東京観光 Ueno Park is Cherry blossom spots in Tokyo(hanami) 日本の桜 花の名所案内 7.Tokyo Skytree Light up Cherry. 8.SAKURA DORI 9.Asukayama Park Sakura 10.播磨坂さくら並木 harimazaka sakura namiki 10.)
    4. 【東京】花見スポット完全ガイド2016!都内で満開の桜を楽しもう(only in Japanese):HAMANI spot guide in Tokyo 2016. 1.Shiba Park 2.Tokyo midtown 3.Yasukuni shrine 4.Roppongihills  etc…
    5. お天気 Japan 桜の開花・お花見情報(only in Japanese):Flowering information of Sakura in Japan.

4.What to do in Tokyo?

This category also have useful information for your travel, such as about sightseeing in Tokyo, eating Ramen, Sushi and other Japanese food etc.
Please enjoy your time at Narita Airport and its surrounding areas.

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